How to kill prowess (4 guys) in the POW camp?

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How to kill prowess (4 guys) in the POW camp?

Postby arrow » 08 May 2013, 22:09

I am totally stuck a this point of game and can't get through on normal difficulty. The mole queen is nothing compared to this fight. If I am lucky, I can disable one of the four guys while Innocence is still up, but then my health (originally 150) is at 20% and the other 3 guys attack me. At this point of game there is no serum and no gun (I've got 4 health potions), and nothing seems to work as the 3 of them disrupt blocking and dodging and take 15-20% of health with 1 hit. It is so infuriating. How is one supposed to fight this fight. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

PS. I tried to search the web, but all the walkthroughs I saw, say nothing about it.
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Re: How to kill prowess (4 guys) in the POW camp?

Postby smashly » 09 May 2013, 03:09

Instead of fighting Prowess and his cronies why not be neutral with him and the mutant (2nd dialog option when he's taunting the mutant "Sure that's wise")?
This way you can take a quest off him a little later and gain some goodies.

Many of the fights in the game are just being gang raped 3 ~ 7 enemies be it human, dog or either.
Most the time blocking is futile when your being raped buy 3 or more characters from front on.
One enemy gets a cheap shot at you and then all the enemies get a cheap shot taking all your health no matter how much you block.

You can be just as cheap by using the terrain to your advantage and using Innocence as a decoy.
Before approaching a gang raping, set Innocence to Defense.
Find an terrain area where it narrows the path that the enemies approach from, while being in a spot you can freely roll around.
Run towards the enemies via the terrain narrow path and as soon as they see you and combat mode kicks in head away from them past Innocence.

Usually 1 to 3 enemies will start on Innocence while 1 to 3 enemies will run past him for you.
As they approach time a sand throw, roll around them and 1 or 2 hits, roll 2 times back around them, usually you can get a cheap hit on one enemy before the others get a hit on you.
Mix it up with the roll, hit, block, counter and time your hits is all I can say.
When cornered, yes block but don't hit at them if 2 ~ 3 enemies are in front of you, instead roll 2 times around them and get an advantage instead, sure they get hits in as you try to get around them, but timed right you can usually get around them with being hit once or not at all.
If you can get some distance on an enemy to time a sand throw then do it, but be prepared to block, counter and roll if it fails.
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Re: How to kill prowess (4 guys) in the POW camp?

Postby SwamplessThing » 09 May 2013, 12:31

You can have a grenade or two by that point, makes life a lot easier. Then its just roll, sand throw and attack, roll, sand throw and attack.
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Re: How to kill prowess (4 guys) in the POW camp?

Postby arrow » 09 May 2013, 15:11

Thanks for the tips. I, actually, indeed, had to return to a previous save to spare the grenades, which I used on the mole queen (I thought they were intended for her, by the plot). Usually on normal difficulty one does not have to know the future, i.e. know exactly how the fight will go. I am so accustomed to games, which give enough stuff to pass a level. It is clearly not the case with this one with the POW camp. Long story short, after a while I knew exactly who will attack Innocence and I had a grenade, so things were much easier. But if this (coupled with 20 reloads) is not cheating, than what it is?
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