Mafia's Threats

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Mafia's Threats

Postby SagaDC » 06 December 2013, 09:32

This post contains a question about triggering a quest. There are spoilers involved.

After completing Act 2 I checked a list of the Side Quests, and found one called "The Mafia's Threats" that I had not completed. I reloaded an earlier game and spoke to Charity - both before and after she was kidnapped. In both cases, she simply told me that she didn't have any work for me. I successfully completed the preceding three quests (collecting money, scaring off a pervert, and delivering money to the bank) and even kept Honor alive during the escort mission. Despite this, she still delivers the line about not having any work for me.

Am I missing some kind of quest trigger? Or have I run afoul of a scripting bug of some kind?

EDIT - It's worth noting that, even without that quest, I still received the 'Completionist' achievement. Still curious as to why the quest didn't trigger, though.
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