Hello, and what an underestimated game!

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Re: Hello, and what an underestimated game!

Postby milanjoy » 06 June 2017, 12:10

Wow!! It was really a great experience with this game. Actually I am also a big fan of this action RPG and very happy to pick this game up and give it a go. Hope that this game will get a huge move on the market. I wish to play it with more advanced features.

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Re: Hello, and what an underestimated game!

Postby emma elbert » 09 June 2017, 08:28

This game has its similarities to those games, but these comparisons in a huge minority, this game has its very own unique feel and charm. assignment service. In truth most games are like another in some way, developers take inspiration from other games, and their own gaming experiences aswell as other successful franchises.
just look at the massive output on FPS schmups the last decade, its ridiculous! Those games even barely go through any change at all.
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