Best revision tips

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Best revision tips

Postby BethMooney » 27 April 2017, 07:26

I completely dont know how to get the grades i need in my alevel checks i got four e's in my a/s stage assessments...When I did somuch revision aswell...I do apprehend the all the paintings we do inside the class however its simply the exams which i get truly bad grades in..I have no concept why??? Iam soo stressed proper now iam goin a2's n want to get a's (is it feasible to get a's from e's??) this is how i revise i essentially examine the assignment writing help book and perform a little query and write teh vital bits on revision playing cards..However as u can see its no longer operating for me..And proper now iam virtually misplaced...Can you please deliver me a few powerful revision pointers please the can truely enhance my graded and to show some human beings incorrect (teachers) beacuse they take the piss out of me as they think iam clearly dumb student ,
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Re: Best revision tips

Postby liamrandall » 27 April 2017, 12:16

There are three key revision methods:

drafting model answers

These revision keys should remember by every student in order to score good marks.
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