What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

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What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

Postby Bernie » 08 May 2017, 19:33

Recognition of prior learning is a process by which informal learning from experience, non-formal learning for un-certified but planned learning, formal learning for recognized awards are given academic recognition. Learning from experience means skills and knowledge acquired in an unplanned way through life or as a result of learning requirements of work.

One of the fundamental principles that the instructors employ is understanding the prior learning of students. Whether it is from formal or informal experiences, it build on what the students already know and have come to understand. For instructors, it is important to assess the prior knowledge, attitude, and beliefs of students soon. When the students’ skills are assessed early, it helps foster their engagement, interest, and critical thinking in the course.

With the help of such assessments, the instructors come to know what extent is the students’ prior knowledge is accurate or inaccurate. In the instances of inaccurate knowledge, instructors need to correct the students spending some extra time before helping them with some new knowledge. It so because inaccurate or inadequate prior knowledge tend to hinder in earning fast online degrees from accredited colleges. Following are the faculty’s strategies for gauging the nature and extent of students’ prior learning.

1. Talk to Colleagues: Traditional instructors may consider talking to their colleagues teaching pre-requisite courses and ask about the contents including those that the students enjoyed as well as struggled to complete. Online instructors may review the prior online course, course’s syllabus, textbooks, reading material, etc.

2. Take Low-stake Quizzes or Assignments: Such kind of quizzes are used to find out the prior learning of the student which he brings to the course. Students’ performance on these low-stake assignments result as a good indicator of their skills and knowledge. It may include essay writing, multiple choice questions, or short answers quiz to examine the expected understanding of concepts and terminologies of students.

3. Self-assessment of the Prior Knowledge: Allowing students to assess their own skills and knowledge is another efficient way of assessing their prior learning. Such low-stake and anonymous assessments encourage candid responses and gain an overall idea of the range of students’ skills and knowledge.
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Re: What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

Postby Andrewstrauss » 10 July 2017, 09:09

Regardless of whether it is from formal or casual encounters, it expand on what the understudies definitely know and have come to get it. For educators, it is imperative to evaluate the earlier learning, Write my Essay for me state of mind, and convictions of understudies soon. At the point when the understudies' abilities are evaluated early, it helps cultivate their engagement, intrigue, and basic deduction in the course.
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Re: What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

Postby adolf » 24 July 2017, 10:26

Customary educators may consider conversing with their partners showing pre-essential courses and get some information about the substance including those that the understudies delighted in and also attempted to finish. Assignment Writing Service .Online teachers may audit the earlier online course, course's syllabus, reading material, perusing material, and so forth.
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