[PS4] enemies went invisible

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[PS4] enemies went invisible

Postby sidvicious » 10 May 2014, 19:44

im playing on the ps4 got to chapter 3 funeral march when i returned to valvenor all i see was enemies life bar i killed them then then general battle it just stood there now i am to talk to the prince but hes invisible and i cand interact with him please help i cand do anything now but stand here
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Re: [PS4] enemies went invisible

Postby Einzelhaft » 05 June 2014, 19:42

This happened to me, too, and I cannot progress in the game (I only keep one save game). :-| I'm returning the game, as it seems clear this isn't going to be fixed any time soon.
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Re: [PS4] enemies went invisible

Postby miloson24 » 17 April 2015, 13:20

What is wrong with you people? It has been nearly a month since i bought the game and experienced the randval the loner glitch. I have posted all over the damn place on this site begging for a fix with no response and no fixes. The lasf thread i posted you cowarldy people deleted. I was stupid and bough the digital version so i cant return or resell this pos. I had enjoyed the game but this is beyond ridiculus. I demand that you fix this now or give me a refund
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