[PS4] Please Devs Patch in Invert Y Axis

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[PS4] Please Devs Patch in Invert Y Axis

Postby bbdv74 » 12 May 2014, 19:49

As the title says I play every game with the y-axis inverted and for a game in 2014 to not have this option is weird and I basically cannot control this game and was really looking forward to it.Surely I cannot be the only player with this problem?Can you PLEASE patch in this option to PS4.
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Re: [PS4] Please Devs Patch in Invert Y Axis

Postby eKKo82 » 02 January 2016, 17:58


Just posted a new thread about this exact problem. I have bought the game today and cannot play because it has no support for
invert Y :(. I tested whatever version downloded from the PS4 store, is there a new version that has this option?

Please let me know as i really liked the game from the screenshots and it will be a shame to not support players that need Y inverted.

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Postby RogerSaisk » 12 September 2017, 20:34

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Postby RogerSaisk » 12 September 2017, 20:39

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