[PS4] Prince Arandil is glitched in Act 2 PS4 Please help!

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[PS4] Prince Arandil is glitched in Act 2 PS4 Please help!

Postby Vivalaredsox » 14 May 2014, 15:01

I just killed the lich on Act 2. The Prince is now in two places at once. He is at the site where he killed King Arandil IV and back at the camp. I cannot progress any further because I have the quest to talk to the Prince at the camp but all he tells me is goodbye. Please help because I refuse to start all over and lose the 15 or so hours I've put into this.
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Re: Prince Arandil is glitched in Act 2 PS4 Please help!

Postby Wyndo » 14 May 2014, 23:56

That happened to me also. I was supposed to talk to the prince after making preparations, but every time I did, the only option was "bye." I tried tons of running around, talking, exiting, restarting the PS4, etc, and no luck. Fortunately I found that I had a save from half an hour earlier (comprising just some loot/level grinding, probably) so I didn't lose much. I have no idea what caused it to glitch, but I didn't notice if the prince was in two places at once. By now, I've probably saved over the glitch one. I was at around 15 hours then also. It would have killed me to start over, even though I'm half-way convinced I will anyway so I can play through on the Female Vulcan story.
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Re: Prince Arandil is glitched in Act 2 PS4 Please help!

Postby RexPendragon » 30 May 2014, 01:27

Not sure if anyone from Spider is monitoring these posts; however, I have the same problem with Prince Arandil. I've completed all tasks, when I approach the Prince, no cutscene, and if I initiate a dialog the only option is "bye". This is on a PS4
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Re: [PS4] Prince Arandil is glitched in Act 2 PS4 Please hel

Postby Gustavo » 29 September 2014, 14:01

I´ve got the same problem.. I´ve ended all the side quest in act 2 and now i´m suppose to invade the city, i´ve just killed the Captain, but the Prince Arandil only says "goodbye".

There´s no CG, there´s nothing i can do, i´ve tried changing the companion, i´ve tried changing weapons, i´ve tried coming from diferent directions... but there´s nothing to do... The game is bugged...

I´m playing it on the PS4 system and the save is autosave, so i´ve got no previous save to go to... I dont want to lose more then 15hrs of gameplay and start all over...

Please do something about it... An update of the game system...
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Re: [PS4] Prince Arandil is glitched in Act 2 PS4 Please hel

Postby KabTak47 » 17 February 2015, 12:01

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Postby RogerSaisk » 12 September 2017, 05:22

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Postby RogerSaisk » 12 September 2017, 16:08

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Postby RogerSaisk » 13 September 2017, 03:32

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