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Invert Y axis

PostPosted: 02 January 2016, 17:00
by eKKo82
Hi all,

Just bought the game from the PS4 store and i see there is no option to invert the Y axis :(. This is unnacceptable for a game in 2015.

Any solutions?


Re: Invert Y axis

PostPosted: 22 March 2017, 07:31
by Sonia
Ok i have solution. Upset y-axis is for the most part to fly reproduction recreations on the grounds that, in actuality, you really go up on the off chance that you pull down the stick and go down in the event that you push the stick. Write my essay for me, The reason you are better is presumably you are normally great at amusements and have quick reflex.

Re: Invert Y axis

PostPosted: 22 March 2017, 10:33
by Aaronabbey

Re: Invert Y axis

PostPosted: 17 April 2017, 11:45
by jimms
I was thinking about whether southpaws are more probable modify than righties, so I figured I'd run a casual overview: Do you transform the assignment service y-axis and would you say you are left given? Do you do it on all games or just some games?

Re: Invert Y axis

PostPosted: 15 June 2017, 09:24
by stevelarsc
I have purchased a new game from PS4 store recently and would like to know more about the invert the Y axis feature. How I can check about the Y axix and I would like to know more on womens clinic near me this topic. Any info shared about this would be informative.


PostPosted: 27 July 2017, 08:11
by jonny69
As a reversed Y-Axis player, on the off chance that I play a diversion where the past individual has not WritingSpot rearranged the Y-Axis, I feel like how I envision left gave individuals feel in each other part of life – attempting to constrain my hands to accomplish something that I'm not used to them doing. It resembles those left-gave wellbeing scissors that they used to have in grade school

Re: Invert Y axis

PostPosted: 01 August 2017, 06:44
by richardx
Y-axis inversion is an other to whatever are for the most part characterized as the camera controls for a game. Standard camera controls ordinarily have the Write my Assignment 'looking into' control mapped to a mouse or controller being pushed forward.