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Postby jamesandersonn1987 » 13 September 2017, 15:27

We Find Pride In Introducing Our Company Background.

If you are paying a company for its services for the first time then your curiosity is valid and logical. To end all your skeptics and confusions you should know more about the company.

How did the journey start and where is it now?
Two students freshly graduated in 2005 after writing their final dissertations and theses, started this company. The journey was started by these two friends and they are still the partners. When they got great results on their written papers a lot of students naturally tended to get some suggestions from them. The two were amazed by the attention they got from other students. Some students requested to help them revise their papers and on passing with flying colors they rewarded the two young helpers.

This became the inspiration for these two to start off an academic writing business. They contacted some students who were not good at studies and offered them an assignment writing package that they happily accepted. This was their first proper order and with the arrival of the internet, every business entity was revolutionized.

The two got famous amongst students and started their website with many hired professional writes. Now their work force was multiplied by double. Now the company has a writing team of over 50 individuals who help students with their writing problems on daily basis. Our friendly and helpful policies for students have helped us grow unusually fast and big. The owners themselves have been students and they know how a student lives, things and reacts to situations.

How Do We Get You The Best Papers?
We are an academic writing service help for students all over the globe. When anyone orders a paper we take the responsibility of getting them the highest academic quality. We write to meet your requirements as provided by the college or university. This is made possible by our highly qualified writers who are qualified degree holders.

How do we successfully provide the best quality papers?

Mutual correspondence between the writer and the student.

Right after an order is placed with adequate details and instructions, a relevantly suitable writer is allocated to start discussing the details with the customer. The writer verifies and double checks his understanding with the customer. Share his opinions and suggestions with the client for his better understanding of the writing plan.

Partial work progress is shown.

Every student is shown the partial progress of his writing process. You are kept updated at every point with your work so that you immediately recognize if something is missing or went wrong.

Revisions and amendments if required.

Since the client is getting continuous updates of the work, he immediately informs the writer is there is something that needs to be changed or explained. At any point, if you find that the write up is losing its focus you can inform the writer. While after your submission of the work if your tutor gives some revision instructions then that is also entertained.

Masterfully crafting the final draft.

This process allows and enables us to provide you with a free of plagiarism and 100% original homework assignment.

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