Seducing [Character] Trophies/Achievements.

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Seducing [Character] Trophies/Achievements.

Postby Ikatsu » 13 May 2014, 09:51

Hello again.

I'm throwing my two cents in about the seduction trophies/achievements since they were in my opinion the hardest ones to achieve.

The four trophies/achievements are

Ice breaker
ImageSeduce Edwen

Erudite love
ImageSeduce Sybil

Romance with pointy ears
ImageSeduce Rhelmar

ImageSeduce Randval

    Here are some important factors to get the trophies/achievements:

    They are gender-locked.
Which means you have to play as a male to seduce Edwen and Sybil, and female to seduce Rhelmar and Randval
This will require two play-throughs however it will be a little tricky, and if you do it wrong you will have to play through again, unless you manually saved a separate save-file which i highly recommend you do reguarly if you want these achievements!

    Talk to the characters reguarly
To be certain you havent forgotten about a quest, and to be sure to exhaust dialogue options, as it might also a pre-requisite.

    You have to complete the characters quest-lines
Each character has one or two quests, per area. the areas will be referred to as the Swamp-area, the Castle-Area, and the Blackfrost-area.

    Bring the one of the two character you want to seduce on your quests
Chose wisely, sometimes quests will appear in the world as you go past them, with a certain character.
Bring Sybil throughout the swamp to make sure she finishes the "local fauna" quest.

    Crucial! Before the camp-fire at the end
Make sure you save! as the person you chose to bring on your journey from now on, will be the only one you can seduce.
So save up, take one of the two, bring them on your quest, and finish the seduction trophy or achievement. then re-load and take the other character for the last trophy or achievement.

    The actual seduce option appears in forced dialogue
When you actually seduce them, you will be gived the option in a Forced Dialogue, which means when you reach the pre-requisites necessary, and do a final act with them, in most cases it will be defeating the last concubine, after which you will come into a cut-scene, which gets into a forced dialogue and that will give you the seduce option, put on the charm, and turn it to max! (some seduce-options are a bit high pitched, such as when Edwen asks you to combine your powers to unlock the powers, to seduce her you hint towards how you should combine your powers.. in a naughty way)
I've seen someone mention before, if you want the seduction trophies you will have to carefully make your decisions with the involved characters in mind and heart. And this is a good mind-set.

    Seducing Edwen

She won't be able to help you finish the final quest before you kill a certain concubine.
A very important note is that she won't be seduced if you chose to take the elves side at the end of the Castle-area. There will be a dialogue when you bring her and rhelmar to open the gates to the castle, and you will get the choice to either "Damn the elves. they are dead anyway" or "Help the elves".
Here you have to take Edwen's side and Damn the elves!
Make sure you take her with you when given the choice at the camp-fire before the end.

    Her three quests are:
    Wants to be with you when you inspect the corrupted people in the Swamp-area.
    Wants you to help interrogate the captured hobbler in the Castle-area.
    Wants to inspect the weird stone-tablet in the sewers in the Blackfrost-area(After killing the concubines, also bring her for this.)

    Seducing Sybil
was probably the hardest one, it took me two playthroughs, and the reason i failed seducing her might be one or the other from two differentiating factors from my first to my second play-through.
The things I changed was that I made my playthrough 100% Good. I didn't even turn evil to enter the Cave in the swamp. I found a potion to protect against whatever was in that cave, that tried to get into my head.
On my previous playthrough i had gone into that cave directly, achieving 20% demonic possession. And although I somehow got down to 0% again I did not get the "Humanity" trophy which requires you to be completely good when ending the game. and most importantly i did not get the Eurudite Love Trophy.
But I think the factor that changed sybil's mind was that on my first playthrough I had not saved sybil until After I had the campfire chat with all of my brothers/sisters in arms. From then on I saved sybil, and brought her along for the Concubine kills (which is an important factor when getting the trophy/achievement).
Because when at the camp-fire chat you get to choose through chat-dialogue who you will bring on your quest. and even though i did bring Sybil, I hadnt chosen her in the chat-dialogue, which I believe resulted in letting her down.

    Her quests are:

Checking out the Swamps Fauna, in the Swamp-area
Taking Sybil to the Library in the Castle-area
Talking to Mathras about his love-life for Sybil's curiosity's sake in the Castle-Area.
Saving Sybil in the Blackfrost-area.

    Seducing Rhelmar

Pretty straight-forward, you will have to chose to take the elves side when youre at the end at the Castle-area and about to face your first concubine.
As obviously this is in favour of Rhelmar, as he is an elf. and in the Blackfrost-area chose Rhelmar as your brother in arms when put at the option of chosing who you will bring to kill the concubines, when you are at the campfire, in the Blackfrost-area.
After defeating the last concubine in the Blackfrost-area you go back down into the sewers, and have a look around, about half-way through Rhelmar will start the final quest, and this will force you into a dialogue, where you have to be empathetic to rhelmar, and this will give you the achievement.

    His quests are:
Help him gather materials for making some improved traps in the Swamp-area.
Help him gather Souls from his fallen comrades in the Castle-area.
Put his kings soul to rest after killing the concubines, found down in the sewers in the Blackfrost-area.

    Seducing Randval

Here we have a bit of a tricky one.
I am not sure, but I believe you have to chose to embrace your dark side when youre at the end of the Swamp-area, and you're about to enter the cave. Because this is what Randval believes is the right thing to do. (I asked him when i was put at that dilemma, and he understood that one has to do what one has to do in order to fight his enemies, even if that means sacrificing a part of oneself. If you want to do two playthroughs for all the trophies, you'll have to embrace your dark-side as a girl anyway. since seducing sybil, i believe requires you to be 100% good.)
Do not forget to chose Randval as your brother in arms when put at the option of chosing who you will bring to kill the concubines, when you are at the campfire, in the Blackfrost-area.
Randvals seduction option will appear in forced dialogue after defeating the fourth and final concubine in the blackfrost-area. Remember o bring randval to all the concubine battles.
he sure does enjoy a real fight! (keep an eye on him so he doesn't leap onto an enemy spear or some other sharp objects. He seems a bit eager to find his last battle;) )

    His quests are:
Help him get into the Mercenary-band you are in, talk to the captain abouit him joining. in the Swamp-area.
Let him go out on a Reconnoiter mission in the Castle-area.
Go ambush the band of dead-walkers carrying some seemingly important item, in the Castle-area.
Save him in the Blackfrost-area.

This is a work in progress, so please contribute with any useful information.

Also feel free to ask me if you have any questions about any other quests, I've played through the game three times, and I've played all difficulties, taken all paths, all trophies, tried all the skill-trees, and weapon-combos aswell as customized gear in every possible way, there is a way to become really really powerful.
I'll hang around here.

I hope I helped someone with this, as I was searching for information about these sort of things, I searched alot. But there was none to be found.
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Re: Seducing [Character] Trophies/Achievements.

Postby Ikatsu » 13 May 2014, 20:12

Is there a way to link search-words to this post? so that when you google "Seducing Sybil" or "bound by flame seduction trophies" this post pops up as a choice?

or is that just involountary, depending on forum visitors?
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Re: Seducing [Character] Trophies/Achievements.

Postby Wyndo » 14 May 2014, 20:05

I had no luck seducing Edwin, despite siding with her (not the elves -- I ended up having the kill the elf in Act 3 as a result). I did all of her quests (and got the trophy for it -- plus I remember doing them). Yet when I try to seduce her during her last quest with the relic, her response is:

"Keep your salacious ideas for your next visit to a whorehouse. I'm not interested." or something to that effect.

I have noticed that in Act 2 and beyond, whenever I add her to my party, she says something like "For what? Swordplay, suspicion and sarcasm? I wouldn't miss it for the world" (like she's already not very receptive). But I did everything I was supposed to do.

At first I thought it was because I had already seduced Sybil in Act 3, so I re-did that part without seducing Sybil. Same result. Then, I read that you have to bring her with you to fight the concubines. So again, I backed up, and took on the last concubine with her (and it added "Have Edwin in the group" to her quest list). Still no luck. So I backed up even farther, didn't rescue Sybil at all, kept Edwin with me for all three concubines, went to the relic, and STILL the same result. And I know I did all her quests and sided with her against the elves, so I have no idea why it's not going the right way.

There must have been something I messed up very early on that sets her against me and prevents the "seduce" from working... ?


I read your guide in more detail, and maybe I see the problem. Is the campfire scene at the end of Act 1? Is it where you're asked which person you trust, of the four (plus the Captain)? Maybe I chose Sybil. If that's the case, then that's why all the things I tried wouldn't have worked. I loaded saves from later chapters. I've since loaded up prior to that, and when asked who I trust, I said "Edwin". She still has a snarky response when I add her to my group, but maybe that doesn't matter? If that's the campfire and the choice you're talking about, then maybe it'll work if I play through into Act 3?
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Re: Seducing [Character] Trophies/Achievements.

Postby Wyndo » 14 May 2014, 22:51

Whew -- got it. I had to play from before the end of Act 1, choose that I thought Edwin wouldn't betray me, and make it all the way past the concubines in Act 3 then go back to the artifact, as planned. I was also 80% demon this time around, but I don't know if that mattered. Maybe if there's a chance between now and the end to pick up another 20%, I can get another missing trophy or two.
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Re: Seducing [Character] Trophies/Achievements.

Postby Ikatsu » 15 May 2014, 06:52

the camp-fire part i am talking about is right next to the make-shift camp when almost at the end of the blackfrost area. You're grouped up with randval, Sybil, (rhelmar/edwen depending on who you've killed of) and also mathras. I remember mathras saying "ooh going on a witch-hunt sounds like fun"
I remember not getting Sybils seduce until I replayed the entire game. Simply because I didn't have a save from before that campfire, and I had already chosen someone else .

I'm not sure where you get the last 20% til you're 100% demonic. But I'm pretty sure it gets there in its own way, through story dialogues.. Just be sinister in your chosing
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Re: Seducing [Character] Trophies/Achievements.

Postby Wyndo » 15 May 2014, 14:54

There's something odd going on, though, because I played from near the end of Act 2 on a previous save, and in Act 3, I didn't save ANYBODY. At the campfire you're talking about, only Malthras and Edwin were there. At the conversation, I told Edwin to come along, had her for all three concubines, got reminded about the relic, went there, and she still snubbed me. And that was with doing all her quests.

When I finally got it, I had to load all the way back in Act 1. I did exactly the same thing again (including the "mind reading" quest in Act 2) and didn't save anybody else in Act 3 again, and that time it worked. The only difference was that at the end of Act 1, when I chose who I "trusted" not to betray me, I picked Edwin instead of Sybil. Oh, and also I didn't find an "alternate" way into the Lair of Whispers, so I was on the Demon path. Those two things are the only things I did differently. She was still snippy when being added to the party, but the seduction worked.

Since you had to play it longer to get Sybil, is it possible you made that choice in Act 1, when asked who you thought you could trust, among the five choices? It seems to me that that's the deciding factor. Although if you're positive you can get both Male seductions by using the Act 3 campfire as a jumping off point, then I don't know what to think. Maybe you have to be at least partially Demon for it to work. I was going full Human originally, and when I tried the second time from Act 2. Maybe that's a factor...
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Re: Seducing [Character] Trophies/Achievements.

Postby Wyndo » 16 May 2014, 00:58

The only one I'm missing now is the seduction of Randval.

When does it happen? All through the three concubine fights, he was flirting with FemVulcan, so I thought maybe I was on the right track. I had just gotten the Rhelmar seduction (thought it was glitched at first, but turns out you just have to randomly go deep down into the sewers, which you did mention -- I was thinking a question would actually send me into the sewers). I am 0% Demon (chose the "Human" way of getting into the Lair of Whispers). I did all of Randval's quests. I picked him at the campfire and refused the others during the cut scene dialogues, as required. He mentioned we should go back to the camp, so I'm there now, but nothing is happening.

It's not clear from the guide exactly "when" the seduction is supposed to happen after the concubines are defeated. It very well could be that I have to make different decisions way back in Act 1, but knowing what's supposed to trigger this in Act 3 would help me know if it's going to happen or not.
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Re: Seducing [Character] Trophies/Achievements.

Postby Wyndo » 16 May 2014, 01:07

Okay, I got it. You have to defeat the 4th and final Concubine, and then there's an automatic cut-scene where you can basically choose "yes" (seduce) or "no" (don't, I assume). I was 0% Demon, so I can confirm that you don't have to give in to the demon at the Lair of Whispers in Act 1. I was able to get both "male" seductions by saving at the campfire in Act 3 just prior to the decision of who to bring to fight the concubines, and then reloading it for the other, provided I did both sets of quests leading up to that point.

Finally. Awesome game, despite the bugs. :)
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Re: Seducing [Character] Trophies/Achievements.

Postby Ikatsu » 16 May 2014, 18:39

Great information, ill add your experience into the guide!
thank you handsome! :)
it is a great game. Isn't it? Despite the nitpicky stuff.
Now, about a week after I sold my game back to GameStop, I'm beginning to feel an urge to play it again. I start to feel the need for a ng+, or a dlc with more ice lords to vanquish, or perhaps a bound by flame 2!
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Re: Seducing [Character] Trophies/Achievements.

Postby Wyndo » 16 May 2014, 22:00

I wonder if there will be DLC? I wouldn't think so, but I haven't heard.

I almost never get rid of my games (huge, huge collection now), but at the same time, I almost never go back to them. I've found it very difficult to get back into a game I've set aside for some time, since I forget the controls, the tricks, and lose the reflexes/skill to pick up where I left off without starting over to re-learn. That happened when I played the second DLC for the original Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. I couldn't beat it, because I had forgotten how to succeed.

Plus, lots of other games coming out. Wolfenstein on Tuesday. Watch Dogs the Tuesday after that. Then Soul Suspect. I think I've gotten all I needed out of Bound By Flame, but now Spiders is on my radar. Maybe this'll sell well enough to warrant a sequel or something.
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