Quest rendered uncompleted...

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Quest rendered uncompleted...

Postby Zuko Elendil » 28 December 2014, 22:54

Hello, I really enjoyed your game for some time, then many months ago I ran into a glitch involving helping out the chief of the Guards in the Swamp Village, after I talked to the Governor I talked to Mason again, and he told me the same script that he did when I first met him, and told me to find his patrol and their equipment... Again. I checked the quests tab after that and found those were now unchecked, but it would not allow me to complete them (I tried). Even after the Battle they were still open, so any help would be appriciated. (I could send my save file if needed, just want to be able to play the game again, quit after I found this out :cry: )
Zuko Elendil
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