Mars War Logs, when chaos succeeds to curiosity

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Mars War Logs, when chaos succeeds to curiosity

Postby Freki » 15 March 2013, 14:51

While Curiosity finishes its first round of drilling for Martian soil samples, we take you a few hundred years into the future, where human colonization on the Red Planet has failed, through these 4 exclusive screenshots.

Welcome to the cyberpunk universe of Mars War Logs, the new RPG from Spiders Studio! Discover Mars, a world in the midst of civil war, where native populations consist of mutants, religious fanatics, and bandits likely to kill you to steal your water. Mars also features human enclaves led by despotic leaders, huge dangerous slums built by the survivors of the extraordinary planet-wide cataclysm that shook the planet 200 years ago. Mars also features treacherous landscapes and a murderous sun. If solar radiation doesn't strip your skin off, the dangerous creatures will take on the task with incredible ferocity.

These 4 screenshots start showing some of the obstacles Roy and his companions must overcome during their journey across the Red Planet.

>> See the screenshots <<
Mars War Logs
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