Prolonged eye fatigue caused by myopia

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Prolonged eye fatigue caused by myopia

Postby morseyu » 11 August 2017, 08:22

As many parents and their parents have a headache, many parents are worried about their children had myopia, the child in the development of the age stage, how bad habits, it is very easy to get myopia, myopia prevention Governance, so parents and teachers should educate students to form a good habit, usually learning classes, maybe parents should buy dial vision adjustable glasses for your children. with computers, watching TV and so should have a good habit. What is the effective way to treat myopia? Eye myopia how to recover?If you are a dealer, welcome to wholesale dial vision

As the risk of fatigue] the eye for a long time without rest, it is easy to suffer from myopia, myopia early can cause eye fatigue, which is why some children read the book for a long time there will be overlapping writing serial, looked up at the front of the object Immediately, the feeling of floating instability. And some students in the long time to look closer to the object, or look for a long time to look after the distant objects, there will be short-term blurred vision of the phenomenon, which can be said that the aura of myopia, it is necessary to pay attention , Timely correction.

Myopia is generally due to fatigue caused by the eye, it is recommended appropriate rest. Some by the lack of nutrition to the. Myopia in the eyes of the net mo and macular area in the lutein content will be very low, due to the eye's self-protection function, the eyes will automatically adjust the refractive, visual field imaging focus on the macular area, resulting in blurred vision, causing myopia
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