Long hair of the sister are deeply understand

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Long hair of the sister are deeply understand

Postby morseyu » 14 September 2017, 06:56

Long hair of the sister are deeply understand, every time you wash your hair feel that they have a cancer, hair one by one out, so how to ease hair loss became the topic of concern for each sister. However, today Xiaobian Daoshi to give you a new skill, wash your hair with salt water can prevent hair loss, no longer have to worry about hair loss!

1, cure hair loss
Brine shampoo has the effect of treating seborrheic alopecia, but also inhibit the generation of dandruff. Because edible salt has a bactericidal effect, then this can reduce the scalp is infected, so it has to protect the scalp, inhibit dandruff, to prevent hair loss effect.

2, clean and strong
Cleaning is because the brine shampoo has a strong bactericidal effect, even more than a lot of shampoo should be strong, residual grease, bacteria, other chemicals can be effectively removed; In addition, the sodium salt in salt water can adjust the scalp site of water and electrolyte Balance, can improve the growth of oily hair environment, transplantation of oil secretion, so for hair loss has a very good preventive effect.the tyme curling iron gold won’t damage your hair, however, you must be careful to use the right heat protection and never hold the iron on your hair for a long time.??You should glide the iron through your hair without too much tension.The tyme iron best price is a revolutionary hair tool that creates ANY curl from waves to bouncy curls and ringlets, and also straightens your hair with its rotating swivel cord!

3, to the oil
Salt with deep cleaning, sterilization detoxification, Shu through the blood, the role of convergence sebaceous glands, salt shampoo is the first choice for oily hair. You can use the salt in the kitchen, you can also use the ready-made shampoo salt on the market. The specific usage is: If you are only scalp greasy, hair is not too much oil, you can use the shampoo normal wash hair, the shampoo evenly applied to the scalp, and then with the pulp gently massage 3 ~ 5 minutes later, wash the water can be. Recommended 2 to 3 times a week.
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