Use nuface these preparations

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Use nuface these preparations

Postby morseyu » 19 September 2017, 07:40

Step 1: Prepare
First remover, and then wash your face with facial cleanser grease, and then rinse with water, then do not need to apply skin care products.
"NuFace Gel Primer Gel", thicker in the area where you need care, keep moist.
The use of electric pull pull beauty machine, it is easy to "slide", will not cause the face of the pull. If there is a pull phenomenon, it means that the gel is not thick enough, or not wet, need to make up the gel before the skin began to care.

The second step: to enhance (shape V-face / a total of 3 minutes)
First place the "NuFace Trinity Beauty Machine (Big Head Frog)" in the lower jaw position (position 1), near the mouth, lift up to the lower part of the ear, you will hear 1 beep. (5 seconds)Award-winning, multi-solution, skin care device innovatively-designed with interchangeable treatment attachments, helps rejuvenate and improve your appearance.?The NuFACE?Trinity Toning Kit comes standard with the nuface wholesale supplies a microcurrent treatment attachment FDA-cleared for facial stimulation to gently stimulate the larger surface areas of the face, welcome to order on nuface official site .

And then move the NuFace Trinity to the cheek position (position 2), and the mouth is raised in the middle of the two balls, ascending to the middle of the ear, and you will hear a beep. (5 seconds)
Then move the "NuFace Trinity Beauty Machine" to the upper position of the cheek (position 3), near the nose, lift up to the top of the ear, and you will hear a beep. (5 seconds) be careful ... not close to the eye.

Repeat steps 1, 2, 3 above. (Total 3 cycles / 45 seconds)
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