Why the eyes will appear dry

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Why the eyes will appear dry

Postby morseyu » 19 September 2017, 08:01

Uncomfortable, to the hospital for examination, corneal epithelial damage has been very serious.

Dry eye treatment, should first check what the disease caused by dry eye. For example, if it is chronic conjunctivitis, should choose anti-inflammatory treatment. If the meibomian gland is blocked, should do hot compress, tarsal gland massage to clear the tibia glands. In addition, there are excessive use of video terminals or long stay in the air-conditioned room at home and other poor living habits of patients should work from the correct life habits.

Dry eye for a variety of reasons, domestic recent studies have shown that more than 87.6% of dry eye patients with meibomian gland dysfunction.

Uterine gland dysfunction in dry eye patients with atrophic glands

Tarsus gland is located in the upper and lower eyelids eyelid tarsus, is the body's largest sebaceous glands, openings in the upper and lower eyelid, the secretion of substances called palmitate,dial vision adjustable glasses is an important part of the tear film.

Tibia gland dysfunction caused by dry eye, dial vision review is useful for you. tears are evaporated too strong dry eye, the higher incidence in the elderly, because the elderly tibia glands at different degrees of atrophy, secretion of the quality and quantity of the membrane , With the secretion of tears gradually decreased with age, 65-year-old people's tears secretion is only 18 years old 40%, and the elderly common conjunctival relaxation, so that the capacity of the elderly conjunctival sac from the normal 50 μl , Down to less than 20-30 microliters, down about 50%, increasing dry eye.
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strategies to slow up the result from your panic strikes

Postby AndrewCum » 21 September 2017, 08:15

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Re: Why the eyes will appear dry

Postby peterkevinn1987 » 21 September 2017, 10:44

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