What about characters...

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What about characters...

Postby Freki » 11 April 2013, 13:26

Did you have a look at the Mars War Logs characters?

Which one seems to be the most interesting according to you?
Roy, Innocence, Mary, Tenacity?

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Re: What about characters...

Postby AaronTheCat » 11 April 2013, 14:16

Tenacity Williams!!
It looks like his name comes from a Western movie *-*
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Re: What about characters...

Postby Kamfrenchie » 21 April 2013, 19:56

honour grant i think, I like characters that try to reason their friend an prevent them from becoming fallen heroes, or just losing sight of what they fought for
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Re: What about characters...

Postby Jake Bando » 21 April 2013, 20:52

For me that would be Innocence Smith.
If I'm not mistaken it is because of this kid that Roy gets out of prison. He will be grateful for that.
Also, if this kid considers Roy as his mentor, then I'm sure there will be a special bond after a while.
I could be mistaken though cause who knows where the story will take us ;)
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Re: What about characters...

Postby Katmar » 27 April 2013, 08:52

Roy. 8-)
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Re: What about characters...

Postby Blendwerk » 01 May 2013, 00:01

Mary is the least likeable character ...
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Re: What about characters...

Postby Pensive » 02 May 2013, 15:06

Sean and Mary.

BTW, why no Charity, Devotion or Judy right-ups? Sheesh, favouritism. :D
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Re: What about characters...

Postby arcaniaz » 19 June 2013, 18:23

I love Mary she's weird, cute and kinda mysterious :) if this game gets a sequel be sure to put her in there too ok?
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Re: What about characters...

Postby Serdancellino » 22 August 2013, 13:10

TENACITY WILLIAMS is a very cool gay, I like metaler
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