I loved this game

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I loved this game

Postby Hecate » 12 May 2013, 20:40

This game has it all, good combat, mystery, betrayal, choices, a great storyline, a world full of possibilities, speaking of which, I would like a little more lore on the Technomancers, and I would humbly request DLC form you. I would buy it, I would love to explore this world fruther or take another character concept though.

Also, my girl friend who also loves this game asked me to ask you for a female protagonist choice next time!

Thank you for a wonderful game, we both enjoyed it and found it too short, not because it was easy but because we were enjoying it so much it ended too soon.

We want MORE! lol

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Re: I loved this game

Postby Towie » 21 June 2013, 17:18

yeah i loved the game to, i want no I NEED a DLC as soon as possible i would buy it as well, id also like more of a story after you give the book to innocence, sort of like what they did in Mass Effect, import a save game so your choices stick. :D
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Re: I loved this game

Postby Serdancellino » 14 August 2013, 13:41

Yes, i am a great fan too, its a very good game!
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Re: I loved this game

Postby Sumer » 14 March 2015, 13:03

We can't really give an estimation before we have accurate informations. For now we don't have any precise release date yet, but be sure we'll announce it as soon as we get it. :)
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Re: I loved this game

Postby Tatann » 08 November 2015, 23:10

I also really like this game, even though I've only played about 5h.
I'm a huge fan of the Mass Effect and The Witcher games, Oz (HBO show) is one or my favorite TV shows, and one of the first SF movies I watch over and over as a kid was Total Recall, so yeah, this game was meant to please me :lol:
I was afraid of the difficulty (read lots of complaints on the Internet) so I play on easy and it's quite... easy. Never used a potion once, never got life under 50%, I think I'll replay in medium next time.
So, congrats to the developpers of this game, you've managed to pull out a game better than most AAA games with what I can imagine is a small budget.
Good graphics, good characters and actors, nice background and story telling, usual (in a good way) RPG mechanics and I guess replayability (multiple choices, reputation, skill trees), well everything you need to make a good story-driven action/RPG game.
I hope you're preparing us a sequel or anything in the same vein :D
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