This game is under-rated!!

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This game is under-rated!!

Postby ExiaHESP » 06 August 2013, 11:35

I don't care what the critics say, it's way better than what some people got paid to give a score on.
I do believe this game has a lot of potential from the developers and that they would be able to make some quality DLC.

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What a load of lies!

This game combines the witcher & Star wars knights of the old republic and a few other elements.
the voice acting could be better but it's not unbearable.

What I love about this is the Graphics are decent, and not shabby.
Crafting and LOOT. and also you can customize your armour and weapons, also you can craft health items too~

it has a reputation system, expandable dialogue trees and dialogue that actually changes with different trees and systems.

the combat has been made down to a fine point, you can play however you like, whether you use technomancy , blunt force or just renegade actions...

Seriously if you are reading this and you haven't got this game yet... GO GET IT.

9/10 would recommend
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