I am a game designer: My impressions

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I am a game designer: My impressions

Postby JSDiamond » 20 August 2013, 00:21

My system: XBOX 360

Mars Warlogs is not only on par with the big budget and big marketed games out there, it surpasses many of them in production value and that all-important factor: FUN. Even the first ten minutes of the game contains a brilliantly written plot twist you never see coming. Interesting characters I want to learn more about. Combat is challenging without being infuriating (throwing sand is awesome fun). Sure, there are a few clipping issues here and there, but nothing to actually complain about. The quests are structured well. The user interface is excellent (I love the map). Crafting is fun. The controls are pleasingly intuitive (I was combat rolling before the tutorial popped up).

Overall this game compares well to Mass Effect 1 and 2, and also to Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. SPIDERS has a winner here, and at a FAIR and reasonable price for a download. I will gladly support SPIDERS by buying future products.

Graphics: 2.5/3
Character design: 2.5/3
Level design: 3/3
Music: 2/3
Dialogue: 3/3
Voice acting: 3/3
Story: 3/3
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Re: I am a game designer: My impressions

Postby GrandpaKim » 28 June 2016, 19:40

You forgot one very important category: Interface. I score it 1. It sucks. The way the camera and character facing are completely independant of each other sucks. Getting your character pointing the right direction without going to the tactics menu sucks. Thank F for the tactics menu. It gives you half a chance... but that ain't enough to fix the horrid interface.
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