Lets Plays and monetizing

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Lets Plays and monetizing

Postby CyrusLPs » 06 November 2013, 18:34

Dear Spiders-Administrators

I am CyrusLPs and I produce gaming video content for my Youtube-Channel and Facebook-Site.

I would like to know if Spiders would allow me to produce derivative works (Reviews, Let's Plays, etc.) using video footage from games you own the copyrights to?

Further, does Spiders allow editors to take advantage of YouTube's Partner Program that places ads on the videos we make?

I hope this message finds you doing well and thanks in advance for your response.

With best regards,
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Re: Lets Plays and monetizing

Postby Freki » 12 November 2013, 08:57

Hi Cyrus,

Yes you can make videos of our games. Here is our terms for monetizing our games on Youtube: http://www.focus-home.com/index.php?rub=company
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