Free XEvil Demo can solve 99% types of captcha

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Free XEvil Demo can solve 99% types of captcha

Postby NancyFlina » 09 September 2017, 11:39

Dear webmasters!

BotmasterLabs team is proud to present free version of legendary program XEvil (part of XRumer complex).
The program is decoding most of all world’s types of captcha. Most difficult captcha is not the exception -
Google, Yandex, Hotmail (Bing), Captcha.Com, Solve Media, VKontakte, Facebook, and more than 8400 other types of captcha.

XEvil from beginning of 2017 is certainly the leader in market of automatic captcha decoders and now everyone can test it absolutely for FREE!


Short info about XEvil:

1. Powerful artificial intellect: "XEvil" knows and can bypass more than 8400 different types of captchas,
including such popular ones as Google - captcha, Yandex - captcha, SolveMedia, - capthca, Captcha.Com, Facebook - captcha, Ucoz - captcha, DLE - captcha and many others.

2. High speed and quality of decoding: at speed 0.01 sec. per 1 image (for DEMO 1 sec),
XEvil can decode with high precision different captcha types, no matter how hard they are or which fonts, color or what types of distortion is used.

3. Simple and intuitive interface : only 3 main buttons are used for setup and connection of XEvil almost to any types soft, out of the box.

4. Flexibility of setup for own needs: main logic of program is coded on Lua, and any specialist will be able easy to modify software for some own specific needs.

5. Link to DEMO ([b]with limited functionality!) [/b]:
- DropBox
- Yandex.Disk
- Torrent


Special promo till 30 September!

Only till 30 September, you have unique possibility not only to test XEvil Demo, but also to receive completely free access to full version of - XEvil 3.0 Ultra, which does not have any limits in it’s functional.

It’s really easy to receive access to full version:
1. Watch videos about XEvil on YouTube
2. Install XEvil Demo and make own similar video in HD-quality and length more than 1 min
3. Upload video on YouTube (name of video must be informative)
4. Send link to video on our mail (check our website) with subject "XEvil Demo Video"
5. As we will receive link to video, we will send back confirmation to your mail
6. After receiving confirmation, you need to post video in 3 different SEO groups/communities - in Facebook / Instagram / VK which have at least 10.000 followers.
7. Get at least 1000 likes
8. And that’s it - XEvil 3.0 Ultra + "XRumer Complex" (including all other soft) – is yours! Just send us message to receive your license.

Hurry up, we will give only 100 Free licenses!
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