Mars War Logs Beta Update 1712

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Mars War Logs Beta Update 1712

Postby Freki » 07 May 2013, 18:09

Today we are offering you a Beta version of Mars: War Logs's next patch. This patch will allow you to play with controls for left-handed and is coming with some fixes. This patch is fully compatible with your currents savegames, and you can activate it right now on your Steam account!

To do so, please follow the steps below:
1. Right click on the game from your Library. Then click on Properties
2. In the window that just opened, click on the "BETAS" tab
3. Click on the drop-down list and select "Beta-Public beta (v1712)" (you don’t have to enter a password)
4. Click on "Close"
5. Start the game (the game will update automatically)

To cancel the beta, choose the NONE tabs.

Patch v1712-Beta
[Controls] Added left-handed controls setup
[Sound] Added -stereo and -surround command line options to force audio mode selection
[Graphics] Fixed rare remaining cases where characters could sometime be stuck in the ceiling
[Camera] Improved the out of fight camera
[Tutorial] Fixed rare cases where a tutorial popup won't close
[Saves] Fixed savegames with UNC path
[Quests] Various quests fixes

Note: You will find the left-handed key assignment in the Settings menu, and in the Steam’s “Community Hub” or on the following link: ... HANDED.pdf
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