[SOLVED] Key Editing

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[SOLVED] Key Editing

Postby socky » 11 May 2013, 23:44

Im not really a WSAD player, how can I edit the keys?
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Re: Key Editing

Postby smashly » 12 May 2013, 00:48

Try the beta patch 1712, it offers southpaw keys (Arrow keys) from what I read, still hard set keys and not mappable though.
I did manage to edit game files and hard set my keys the way I want, but not an easy task since the keys are hard coded through multiple files.

Was going to write a utility that will edit the binary data in 3 files so the user can have hard coded keys mapped to their liking before launching the game, but I just don't see why I should have to provide something the game should already have.
Not to mention it it will break validating game files in steam (no big deal for me).
Other downside is every time a new game patch comes out I'd have to rewrite the utility to work with different offsets.

I honestly believe if Spiders released some small utilities to handle the games file structure for ppl to mod the game, it would have only improved sales and longevity of the game in the community.
But this thought is a pipe dream and it will never happen.
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Re: Key Editing

Postby smashly » 13 May 2013, 16:56

Thank you Spiders for making key mapping easier in v1712 beta patch.
I noticed you can now extract
\Mars War Logs\packs\sli.spk -> sli_uncompressed.spk\design\input\library_playinput_exploration.sli
\Mars War Logs\datalocal\library_playinput_exploration.sli
Open library_playinput_exploration.sli in your prefered text editor and edit keys as wanted.
All good :)
I'm so happy that Spiders has opened the door to modding game files to make the the game the way I like.

Since editing my keys the game has become more fluid to play for me.
Instead of having 3 interact buttons I now have 1.
What use to be..
Open door to new area press (R)
Open door in same area or loot something press (Left MB)
Talk to someone press (E)

I now have press (E) for all the above instead.

Press (Ctrl) for Stealth or Roll
Press (Shift) Sprint
Press (Delete) for Inventory
Press (End) for Tatics Menu
Press (Page Down) for Map
Press Numpad 0 to 9 for quick keys.
Press (Left MB) for Nailgun
Press (Right MB) for Melee Weapon
I have 4 buttons on the side of my mouse, these buttons are macro'd to R/F/Numpad 0/E
Press (Side MB 1) for Block/Parry
Press (Side MB 2) for Repel
Press (Side MB 3) for Throw Grenade
Press (Side MB 4) for Interact

Keys in the game feel normal now for me and I'm no longer constantly hitting the wrong buttons.
I wasn't able to configure my keys like this before patch 1712 due to the keys were already bound in game.
But now the game is just perfect for my prefered control config.
Once again thank you for the step in the right direction :D

Edit Again:
Spiders you have reversed the English display text for page_up and page_down.
\Mars War Logs\packs\packs\loc_eng_data.spk\text\common.text
You have
Code: Select all
<Key id="#INPUT_PAGE_DOWN" ref="0">
Pg Up

<Key id="#INPUT_PAGE_UP" ref="0">
Pg Down
I wouldn't have noticed but after my manual key mapping it shows in the Controls menu..lol
I fixed it myself, but just for future patches you might want to correct it.
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