[Demanding users] Modifying camera settings

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[Demanding users] Modifying camera settings

Postby Sirkel » 13 May 2013, 17:00


The patch recently launched in beta version on Steam introduced new possibilites regarding camera management. It becomes possible to change the camera's FOV and the camera's distance.

This manipulation must be used only by demanding users, use it at your own risk.

Here's the walkthrough:

1. Enable the beta patch
Right-click on your Mars: War Logs game on Steam, then click on Properties. Get to the Beta tab, and select "Beta - Public beta (v1712)", and click on Close.

2. Wait till the end of the patch download.

3. Once the beta patch is installed, a new sub-folder is available inside your game folder. It is located in your Steam folder, at the following address:
Steam\SteamApps\common\Mars War Logs\datalocal

4. The "datalocal" folder contains a file named globalsettings.sli, which you can open with NotePad.

The concerned lines ar the following ones :

Code: Select all
<FOV value="45" />

By modifying the value on this line, you'll change the camera's FOV.

Code: Select all
<Offset camExploreDistOffset="0" camFightDistOffset="0"/>

By modifying the values on this line, you'll change the camera's distance.

Beware, only the first occurences of these lines must be modified.

5. Save your modifications. They should be visible ingame the next time you launch it.

If you encounter any issue after this manipulation, we recommand that you restore the default values by replacing the whole content of globalsettings.sli with the whole content of the spoiler tags below, and saving the file.

Spoiler : globalsettings.sli :
Code: Select all
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


      <FOV value="45" />
      <DOF coeff="0" focusStart="500" focusEnd="1500" focusOut="2500" radius="6" />
      <Offset camExploreDistOffset="0" camFightDistOffset="0"/>

   <cutsceneShadowSettings split0="1000" split1="2000" split2="4000" split3="8000" spotBias="2E-06" directionalBias="1E-06" />
   <listener distance="100" />
   <!-- Default Values -->
      <FOV value="45" />
      <DOF coeff="0" focusStart="500" focusEnd="1500" focusOut="2500" radius="6" />
      <Offset camExploreDistOffset="0" camFightDistOffset="0"/>

   <cutsceneShadowSettings split0="1000" split1="2000" split2="4000" split3="8000" spotBias="2E-06" directionalBias="1E-06" />
   <listener distance="100" />

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