[SOLVED] Cistern area wont load

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[SOLVED] Cistern area wont load

Postby Xyque » 17 July 2013, 18:55


I cannot get past the load screen when trying to enter the cistern, It just sits on the Load screen cycling through the hints. I've tried restarting my computer, reloading the game, even let it "load" for a half hour before exiting the program. Normal load time on my computer between areas has been about 5 seconds.
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Re: Cistern area wont load

Postby KartanfromFocus » 18 July 2013, 09:57

Please check that Mars is correctly installed:

1. Run Steam and click Library.
2. Right click Mars - War Logs and click Properties.
3. Click Local Files tab then Verify Integrity of Game Cache button.
4. Run the game.
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