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Re: Bug report

Postby dl1976 » 16 May 2013, 07:35

I have the same problem that Charity can´t be found in my hideout. Because that this Rescue Quest is a Story Quest i can´t contine the game anymore. Is there already a solution for this problem ?
Sorry but my english isn´t the best.
EDIT : Thanks . After the Update it is working again
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Re: Bug report

Postby bobbie046 » 12 September 2013, 23:22

Ok so this may not be a bug, but it is an issue. I have killed the queen mole in the drilling shaft :lol: Now the game wont advance Mary is just standing there sparks coming off her, not speaking or responding, and I cant leave the cavern. After that achievement I feel I should be rewarded not penalised for doing something the developers didn't anticipate.
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