All you need to know about Mars in one video

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All you need to know about Mars in one video

Postby Freki » 17 April 2013, 09:33

Discover, with a special video, all there is to know about Mars War Logs, the sci-fi role-playing game developed by Spiders Studio.

Narrated by Jehanne Rousseau, CEO of Spiders Studio, this 2m40s video shows new gameplay sequences and tells us more about the game and its origins. We learn how Mars War Logs was born and how its talented and passionate developers gave a truly unique soul to this project they hold very dear.

After giving us a few details about the setting of this game that presents the Red Planet as we have never seen it before, we learn why Mars War Logs is a fully-fledged RPG, in which player choices leave their mark on the story and its unfolding. Spiders Studio really wanted to offer total freedom to the players who will have to face the consequences of their decisions through dialogues, through choosing their skills, with their behaviour toward their companions, or even through the equipment and upgrades they decide to craft. Players will be forced to take responsibility for their actions: for example, slaying human opponents after a battle will be an advantagous source of income... but will also make many characters wary of you!

Get ready for your trip to Mars, in May on PC, and very soon on Xbox LIVE® and PlayStation®Network.

>> Watch the trailer <<
Mars War Logs
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Re: All you need to know about Mars in one video

Postby Archon » 17 April 2013, 17:56


I've been following Mars : War Logs for a while, thanks to RPGWatch.

It seems quite interesting, but I have 2 questions though :
1) why this trailer have only German and English subtitles ?
Spiders being a French studio, Focus could at least add French subtitles...

2) According to Strategy Informer, "it’s only 15 hours long".
Do you plan to end the game on a "To be continued" screen like Faery ?

I liked Faery. It could certainly have been better but I liked it a lot until the "To be continued" screen and the interview on 3DVF where it's stated that Focus didn't want any sequel(s).

If Mars is on the same road, I'll pass this time.
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Re: All you need to know about Mars in one video

Postby Sirkel » 18 April 2013, 15:26

Hi Archon,

French subtitles are available on the video, through Youtube subtitles option.

About Mars : War Logs itself, the game's length can vary according to your skills, as does every game. :) But you might want to know that the game has various alternative endings according to the choices you made through the game, allowing replayability.

And yes, I talk about true endings. ;)
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Re: All you need to know about Mars in one video

Postby Archon » 18 April 2013, 16:32

Ah, great, true endings ! Thanks for your time Sirkel.
And for adding French subtitles ( even if I'd have preferred that Ms Rousseau speak French with English subtitles instead :D )

Let's hope "very soon on Xbox LIVE" is soon enough. Maybe during the Summer of Arcade event ?
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Re: All you need to know about Mars in one video

Postby zarfelt » 29 April 2013, 05:23

You guys kinda failed to address the question of sequels so I will add to that... Is content planned for the game or is this considered a finalized product (minus bugs of course)? Also the few game play videos I have watched combat seems clunky/repetitive and AI seemed very poor I am not sure if I was watching someone play on very easy or not but at one point hes fighting a beast type creature (very nice models/textures imo) and hes just running circles around it hitting it in the back. It's bite attack is very slow and it's reaction times are not very impressive. I also heard that the stealth aspect of the game is almost broken with mob layout and from other videos I have seen it does seem like the npcs are just sitting on top of each others lap you fight three loot them move on to oh what another pack of they move on the pack size just increases but attack types don't seem to vary like the beast mobs and it seems like the clump and dump strat would carry you through the game just fine. One thing I would like to say is the story seems VERY interesting and I really do want to play this game I am just a little on the fence about its game play and if anyone could help answer my questions I would really appreciate that as I am looking for good rpgs to play and it looks like this one has massive potential. Good work on the innovative story and concept we need more sandbox style rpgs.
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Re: All you need to know about Mars in one video

Postby Avangoth » 16 September 2013, 13:34

I have to admit - after watching this trailer I bought the game. The song used in it is absolutely fantastic and I was looking for its name for a long time. I hoped I could find it in game soundtrack (very good one by the way) but unfortunately it is not there. So I ended up here - can somebody from the Dev Team answer my question and put an end to my journey across uncharted seas of the Internet, or at least give me a clear sign that this song will remain unknown?
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All you need to know about Mars in one video

Postby Kolbybhzuv » 08 October 2017, 10:50

Theres a 14th fact i need to know, is Katakai art director again?. The games atmosphear looks beautiful from what ive seen but i would like to know anyways, although i dont believe there could be an answer any time soon.
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