[SOLVED] Crafting overhaul

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[SOLVED] Crafting overhaul

Postby CuAnnan » 03 May 2013, 15:40

If you could implement crafting more than one of a given item at a time, that would be great.
At present, the crafting system is cumbersome and far too time consuming. Spending three minutes doing nothing more than making injections and ammunition and converting from resource A to resource B really breaks the flow of the game and is incredibly frustrating.
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Re: Crafting overhaul

Postby smashly » 04 May 2013, 00:06

I agree it does get a bit tedious try to craft due to the clumsy multi clicking just to craft 1 item at a time.

More annoying is when you craft an item the menu goes back to the root of the crafting kit.
Example crafting:
Open Crafting kit and select an item to craft for example syringe.
Next menu shows Health syringe or Fluid syringe to make.
Select Fluid syringe to craft and Yes at prompt.
Then your taken back to the root of the crafting kit root menu.
Click Syringe, next menu click Fluid Syringe again, Yes at prompt, back to Crafting Kit root.
It should just stay in the Syringe item menu till I select myself to go back to the Crafting kit root.
Tedious clicking multiple times just to make more then 1 of the same item due to having to constantly go back into the Item menu of what I'm trying to craft.
It's the same for all items on the root of the Crafting Kit Menu.
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